Coloring John Muir

I'm currently coloring a portion of my John Muir comic in prep for San Diego Comic Con (!) and am pretty thrilled with the results. Check out a portion below

Arthur and the Lady of the Lake in progress

My good friend and talented illustrator David Wilson,  just introduced me to the world of pen touch tablets and its blowing my mind. This is piece is 50 percent done (with a Panda City tablet) and so far I'm having a blast.

Adobe and Marvel and Me!

Recently, Adobe and Marvel teamed up to make a comic telling the origin stories of the super team The Avengers by way of Behance and art students. I entered, and can now officially say I'm one of the four. I don't want to spoil anything but am super excited about my character! Stay tuned to the Adobe Student's Facebook page for updates and previews.

Thesis pages update

Here are the first three pages of the thesis at 75 percent completion along with one color study.

Fantastic Four Ink and Color

Here's a piece illustrating the awesomeness of the Fantastic Four's best nemesis; Galactus! I did this entire illustration based off the idea of what it would look like to squeeze Reed Richards.

Thesis progress

The thesis is under way! and has been for a while. It's a blast and the comic is starting to take shape.

creature Silhouettes

In character design, a big part of developing a captivating character is establishing a unique silhouette. Lots of design principles come into play here such as straight and curved edges, implied line, use of negative space etc and this set of character sketches is meant to get me out of my comfort zone (details) and start thinking about the overall form. I chose the theme "henchmen" because its goofy and super easy to establish an over the top character. Hopefully I'll have the time to flesh more than one of these guys out.